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2020 Law Department Compensation Survey - ACC Empsight

2020 Law Department Compensation Survey

Participation in this confidential survey is individual or company-based. After completing the Survey please press "Submit" on the final page so your responses are included.

Topics covered include:
  • Law Department Compensation by Position from GC to Paralegal
  • Impact of COVID-19 on Staffing
  • Law Department Work From Home Practices
  • Employee Accommodation / Flexibility Requests
  • Law Department Spending
  • 2020 Salary Increase Budget and 2021 Forecast
  • Total Rewards Practices
  • Vacation and Training
All participants will receive a Free Executive Summary Report summarizing High Level Compensation Practices by Position, Policies & Practices questions, Impact of COVID-19 on Staffing, Employee Accommodation, Work from Home Practices, Law Department Spending, Salary Budget, and Total Rewards Practices. 

Detailed Excel and PDF Compensation Reports for Large, Medium, and Small Organizations will be available for purchase. Reports for Individual Survey Job Titles will also be available for purchase. 

We encourage your organization to participate, as this is a valuable source of compensation information for in-house lawyers. The large and mid-market editions of the survey are participant only, meaning that you must participate in the survey in order to purchase the results for those editions.  

PDF Version of Survey - For Review Purposes Only - Please Complete Survey Online

Note: you can always start the survey and continue it later by selecting the "Save & Continue" option at the top of the survey (option available after second page).  Please call us with any questions during the questionnaire input process at 212.683.7745 ext.101 or email us at or